About Doc

Dr. Jan McBarron was born, raised, received her MD and married, all in the city of Philadelphia. She earned her Medical Doctorate Degree while working as a nurse on the night shift. Recognizing that nurses often had more personal, meaningful interactions with patients compared to the doctors, Dr. McBarron decided to become a doctor herself and change the typical less personal doctor-patient relationship.

After earning her M.D., Dr. Jan McBarron spent the next three decades specializing in Medical Bariatrics, non-surgical weight loss. Having struggled with her own issues regarding weight and ultimately losing over 50lbs, Dr. McBarron was able to connect more deeply with her patients and provide a more personal and effective experience.

For over thirty years, Dr. Jan McBarron has been happily married to her college sweetheart, Duke Liberatore and the two currently live together in Nevada where they enjoy working out, hiking, traveling, and staying healthy.

Looking to help others achieve their professional dreams in the field of health and medicine, Dr. McBarron has initiated her own scholarship program.