Dr. Jan McBarron is committed to ensuring that hardworking students in the field of Health and Medicine have the necessary financial assistance to attend a post-secondary institution. With the competitiveness of today’s job market, securing a successful career is difficult enough as it is. It can be nearly impossible without completing post-secondary education. In addition, the cost of tuition has been and will likely continue to increase steadily, effectively putting a lot of pressure on students that are hoping to advance in their academia.

Why the scholarship is being offered:

Dr. Jan McBarron continues to enjoy assisting people. Always feeling the love and support of her parents and growing up with 3 siblings, she was the only one who chose to further their education beyond high school. Unfortunately, there were no funds for such, so she pursued her dreams financially dependent on herself. She always maintained a job, sometimes two simultaneously while continuing her education. Dr. McBarron wants students who seek a degree in the health-related field to not be held back by financial restraints. As such, she is offering two scholarships of $500USD. This scholarship is open to students in the U.S. and Canada who are studying in the area of Health.

  • 2 scholarships, each for $500 USD
  • For students in health-related programs
  • Offered to both US and Canadian students
  • To apply: Write a 500-word essay explaining why you deserve the scholarship, what you hope to accomplish with it, and what your career goals are for the future
  • First scholarship deadline: July 12,2019

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Jan McBarron at